International conference on biblical equality in Helsinki 2018

God created humanity in God’s own image,
in the divine image God created them,
male and female God created them.
(Gen. 1:27)


  • What does the Bible teach about gender as part of God’s good creation?
  • Why does Paul say, on the one hand, that “there is neither male nor female” but on the other hand, “the head of the woman is man”?
  • Is it for the man alone to assume the spiritual responsibility for his whole family?
  • Although the Holy Spirit works also through women, why are women not allowed to serve in all tasks in some churches?
  • Christian faith and gender equality in our society are some of our most beautiful heritage, but how do they fit together?

The conference is organized by RaTas in co-operation with Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE). CBE organizes such conferences annually in different countries, both by themselves and with partners.

Listen to Dr. Rev. Medad Birungi from Uganda telling why he sees a conference like this important.

The conference establishes an interpretation of the Bible that builds on the creation of the man and the woman as equal and complementary partners whom God gave a joint task. In the New Testament, we learn how Paul taught churches to trust the Holy Spirit to share His gifts and callings as He wanted, regardless of social status or gender. This new kind reconciliation and oneness that manifested in everyday life had its foundation in the reconciliation and atonement through Jesus Christ. We should not be satisfied with anything less today either. In the conference, we respect the authority of the Scripture as the Word of God.

The conference consists of Plenary Sessions and 3 parallel workshops that allow participants to choose topics according to their own interest.

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Our lineup of speakers includes pastors, authors, professors, and social justice advocates from around the world. The speeches are given in Finnish or English, and interpreted.

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